Burn Injury

A burn injury can be very serious. Not only are you dealing with the physical suffering side of the injury, it can also be emotionally painful as well. If it is due to the negligence of someone else, it can bring in additional feelings of anger and bitterness as well. Whether it is your injury or your family member’s, you should not have to suffer financially as well. By contacting Williams & Thorson, LLP, you can fight for the compensation that you deserve to cover medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and any future costs that may come up.

Burn Injury Lawyers

A personal injury attorney specializes in this type of case. This means that they are experienced in not only the legal side of things, but also the medical side, which is an important part of any type of personal injury claim. Stace Williams & Paul Thorson have worked with thousands of clients over the years and know how to get their clients compensation to, in some small way, cover the negligence of the third party that caused their injury. Their knowledge, as well as the knowledge of their experts, can be the key to ensuring that you are paid for the negligence that caused your injury.

The Effects Of A Burn Injury

Dealing with the after effects of a burn injury can be extremely painful. This type of injury is one of the most painful that you can have, and it continues to be painful due to the surgeries, debriding, and other procedures that need to be done to help you to heal. Even after the injury itself begins to heal you are still suffering, because you have to deal with scarring and with the emotional effects. While money cannot heal these effects, it can take some stress away, because you will not have to worry about the financial side of your injury.

When you or a family member has been injured in a fire or explosion, the injury that is sustained may be something that they will never completely heal from. If the injury is a result of negligence, whether it is a person or a company, you can file a claim for compensation. Williams & Thorson, LLP will fight for you and your family to be sure that you are compensated for your injury. Call (972) 226-4900 to discuss your case.