Head Injury

Head injury accidents can cause severe injuries that can affect quality of life for many years to come or even permanently. No matter what the cause of the injury, you have a right to receive financial compensation for your injury and for loss of function, etc. By calling Williams & Thorson, LLP you can make sure that you have someone in your corner who will ensure that your rights are protected and you get what you deserve. The insurance company will not consider your best interests, but your attorney will.

Choosing A Head Injury Lawyer

When your head is injured, there are many different deficits or issues that you can be left with. From paralysis to coma to learning issues to being unable to speak and more, a head injury can be very serious. It can be a physical challenge to recover, as well as a psychological one, which means that you need a law firm that is familiar with this type of injury.

Stace Williams and Paul Thorson have been representing clients for over 16 years with great success. Whether your loved one was involved in a car accident, was injured during a crime, had a bad fall, or was injured playing sports, we understand that they will need additional care and treatment. This can be financially devastating, which is why you want to fight for compensation to be able to care for them and focus your energies on helping them to recover.

Recovery From A Head Injury

Recovery may be difficult and your loved one may always have some deficit. This will mean that they cannot work and cannot care for their family in the way that they did before they were injured. The quality of their life will be diminished and it will be very stressful on the entire family, not just the one injured. Your loved one has the right to be financially compensated for not just the medical bills, but also for the suffering, loss of function, and more.

A head injury can mean the end of life as you know it, but you will be forced to go on and to help your loved one to recover. By getting the compensation that your loved one deserves, you will be able to care for them without some of the financial stress. By contacting Williams & Thorson, LLP, you will be able to ensure that you can care for your loved one and help them to recover to the fullest extent possible. Call (972) 226-4900 to discuss your case.